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Blue is restrained using two pieces of 5 wide stainless steel belt and small locks. This system is preferred by Dominates who want to use their hardware on multiple sub missives in the most diverse ways. a 40" piece with two locks costs $125 a pair as shown above are a steel at $225. I do regret that my work is so pricey but I promise you I'm not getting rich at 12 to 20 cents a ring. The Crotch less chastity belt is $85 the top is $200.

Happy mistress equally happy love slave.

Genie shows the versatility of her new outfit. We started by removing the nipple area of her top to expose her pierced nipples. Them we attached multiple quick connect buckles so that her hands can be restrained where ever she wants.

Stormy helped form a support group for submissives in Austin, Texas called "Bound By desire". Here she shows her chain restraint suit.
The pictures of Stormy above were taken around 1990 maybe 91 very shortly after a major medical adventure. She and her master Tom came by this year (1999) and took a few more photos for our mutual enjoyment. They also added to their collection of chainmail

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This is one of my sexiest Slave girl outfits. With just the addition of harem pants it can be worn in public.

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