Sweater Bumpers, Jewelry for non pierced nipples

Many years ago I meet a couple at a lifestyles convention in Las Vegas who were selling a product they called "Sweater Bumpers" which were simply rings sized to fit around the nipple keeping them perky and erect. They were fitting them at the convention but for about twenty bucks they sold a sizing card with circles punched out of it

They have been out of business for many years


From the beginning of this site I have received inquiries about sweater bumpers and could I make them and for many years I sent sets of my rings to people free of charge but I never got so much as a thank you so I discontinued the practice. I have continued to supply then at my shows.

During the 2001 Bristol fair I made the item pictured above and decided to offer it as a kit.

For a total price of $35.00 you receive

  1. Two of each size of my stainless steel rings
  2. Three pieces of soldered link brass chain in your choice of Antimony (white) or Gold plating
  3. 6+ small jump rings for attaching the drapes to the rings
  4. Priority Mail delivery confirmation to anywhere in the US

It has been my experience that people are not symmetrical and in most cases you will use two different sizes. This would leave the option of a second pair without the drapes or you can have one pair with a double drape and one single. Share them with your friends.