Randolph's diary of adult oriented chainmail from the 1997 Bristol Renaissance Faire

These lovely ladies both came to faire on Sunday 7/27 and both are professional entertainers who graciously agreed to model this new top This garment was designed to go over a simple black dress but this application is a natural. the top with crystal is under $200 (gold plate on brass)



Katerina is an adult entertainer and the proud new owner of a new halter top  

image N2 Katerina

Monique and her husband Ed came to fair on Sunday 8/12/97 and Monique having seen the parade wanted to dressup for the day.
The top she is wearing differs from the first two in that it has no crystals

Monique Nishioka

Monique Nishioka

Suzanne and her husband Cage came to fair with the intent of expanding their ChainMaille collection but did not know what they wanted so we tried things on and took photos until a decision was made.  You can write them Email

This is gratuitous , the girls were just hamming it up for the camera

Suzanne Bradstreet

Twelve years ago (more or less) I built my first couple of muscle shirts. They sold quickly and i forgot about them for a dozen years until my good friend and associate Sam Dela Cruz wanted to sell me more of his knitting. I dug out the photos and had him make me a couple of dozen. They have sold well but interestingly we have sold more as "crop tops" to women than to men. Last week I realized I did not have any photos showing what they find compelling, I set in my mind the need to find appropriate help in this. I think Mary and Robin were just how I had in mind.

Mary and her husband Bill have just returned from a vacation at Hedonism II in Jamaica. She was sporting such a great tan
  we decided to take some pictures of our new crop top.

Mary first tried on one of our new netted tops

We then tried a couple of crop tops adjusted a couple of different ways.

This is my favorite photo of this group but Mary says she wants to come back prepared for photos and do them over.  Okay!

Robin volunteered to help me show crop tops. Thanks Robin

Rebecca was a regular dresser until she started working four sales floor at the Bristol faire. When ever she can she takes the morning of the dress and play at fair.

Netted top (no crystals) $130

The (un)tie top is my design and is available for $40

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