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Okay you've passed two veils and your wondering "where's the meat?" I know that 90% of the traffic on this site is composed of cybersex surfers but the other 10% are the ones that count, my clients. I have always enjoyed taking and sharing stimulating photographs of my work. I have a huge library. Some are vary artfully done and some are vary graphic, I think some are both. I value my adult surfers and intend on selling many of you ChainMaille. Enjoy


A new top that can Fashion or Fetish

My newest belly chain/piercing toy

Lisa in chains (some bondage)

Sweater Bumpers, Jewelry for non pierced nipples

Raven plays dressup
put back online 12/18/03 at Ravens request

4/00 Two adult photo sessions from the Arizona festival

Melissa plays Dressup in adult fantasy chainmail
Milissa has a new life now and has asked me to remove this content


Lady Dee Delights in Delicious Nightly ChainMaille

10/99 Angela Plays dress up

8/99 Kim Gets a new outfit! (crop top, skirt halter and crotch less chastity belt)

8/98  A few photos of Christy North

11/5/97 Mary Harrison models several different nipple chains as well as croptops and cutouts  New 8/98 girlfriend Tiffany!

8/14 Karen gets a custom built choker/nipple necklace (photos by husband John)

New Adult diary from the Bristol Renaissance faire (two as of 7/28) (two added 8/14 ) all of these feature a new style that could best be described as netted halter. (8/18) three new models (10 photos) including the first photos of our new Crop top

Adult Dairy of  the Arizona Festival

First of it's kind (for us) Male Chastity devise

Due to popular demand Our next feature Page is Hillary. I now have a whole new empathy for fashion editors. It was very difficult to decide on just 30 photos out of the couple of hundred I have of Hillary. Do you choose the best smile or the best curve? Tough! Added 12/24/96

Women who will have feature pages in the coming months

Hillary hired Mark Powers Photography to take portfolio photos while I change her costumes. We have 100 pictures.

Kristi has been wearing and collecting ChainMaille for years she has worked the Arizona fair for three years.

Laura has also been wearing and collecting ChainMaille for years. I see her at conventions and SCA events.

Maxine spent an afternoon playing dress up and taking pictures when I was delivering her outfit. Great pictures of her and her barely 18 year old daughter.

Lori. I was hired by the late "Toymaster" to bring ChainMaille to his dungeon to dress and photograph Lori. I never saw anything to confirm it but they told me Lori was a porn queen. Anyhow I took pictures and Toymaster took pictures. We have lots of the hottest fantasy B&D.

Ladies, Do you what to do this? Write or come see me at faire. ChainMall . . |. . Coin Mall . . |. . Tbacks . . | . . Accessories . | . Armor. | . Itinerary . Email