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We have discontinued our (800) telephone number. please email or call 1(512)447-6040

New Rings available as of January 2007 click to see details

a new tool for ordering a halter without actually meeting me

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What's New 6/22/2013

The Chain Mall ,
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ChainMaille Armor, Costumes,
Adult fetish,

Chain knitting tutorial.

Ring order/supplies 

do it your self kits

The Coin Mall 
Jane's Carved Coin Jewelry 

  A Renaissance Diary,
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 a complete pictorial history of Randolph's Weekends 



Jo's personal page (Oingo Boingo, Tolkien)

My first Animation

This is my first animation 

How to make ChainMaille

3 cent each premium rings

some restrictions apply

The new quarter hard stainless is now available in most sizes and they are everything I had hoped for! Manufactured "closed" so only one kind of ring is required for "two at once" knitting. They are Easy to open and close but will last forever without rust or corrosion.

 Matching PhosBronze (spring grade wire) in matching sizes to the stainless steel allowing patterns in armor grade chainmail.
Our new policy allows amalgamating all PhosBronze and stainless steel rings in order to get better pricing.

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